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Gokul Roy
Gokul Roy@gokulroy2003
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This website can help me to access my exam PYQs & also previous board question paper.
Richa Kumari
Richa Kumari@richa20985
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This website content were helpfull me to uderstanding my personal doubts.
Rakesh Mehta
Rakesh Mehta@rkmehar22
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This website can help to access PDFs there after i can never depends on class notes.
Frequent Common Similar Basic Asked Question

we are examEnotes & our web address is https://examenotes.com/

Our website is helpfull for every learner doesn’t matter whats phase of your life spending (i.e. either studing- schoool level, college level, university level etc ). We are provides absolutely free PDFs of Class Handwritten/Digital Notes & We are also sharing information of latest News & Updates of IT Latest Recruitment/Intrnship that means, Now Students can never miss any Oppurtunity.

This step you can mustly complete for download all the FREE NOTES. Basically In this website you can mostly the “countdown of time” & at on the 0 (ZERO) you can press CONTINUE for move forward.

  • Steps:
    • You can visit those page thats you want to download pdf.
    • Here you can see button (This contains GP Link) like CLICK HERE or DOWNLOAD. 
    • while download link nither coming on screen then after moving forward viceversa
    • pdf link are coming then download pdf.

If you doesn’t understand this all process & you understand it is doing difficult to you, then that types of customer we can charge small amount of money for avoiding these difficult steps by visting our shop features.


In this case you freely use our Request Now features.

Every PDFs available on our website within Rs50.

“Price is not tooo high So, Don’t think more & utilize you precious time in positive work”.

You know that the cost of pdf is low than other material/Resource available on the internet So, there no any refund amount meets you. only some special condition (i.e. like quality issue & others) refund can alloted to customer with the gst amount deductable from actual amount.

I can say Definately Yes & i believe100% you can also satisfied with our pdf price & his quality accouding to her price.

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