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Are you eager to kickstart your career and gain valuable industry experience through internships and placements? Look no further than Internshala, a leading online platform that connects students and recent graduates with internship and placement opportunities. In this beginner’s guide, we will explore what Internshala is all about, its impressive features, and the valuable opportunities it provides for aspiring professionals like you.

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Know about Internshala

  1. What is Internshala?
  2. Features of Internshala as an Internship
  3. How & When
  4. Internshala is free ya paid
  5. Types of Internship
  6. Internshala’s Impact
  7. Conclusion


Section 1: What is Internshala?

Internshala is a renowned online platform that serves as a bridge between students, fresh graduates, and employers offering internship and placement opportunities. It provides a centralized platform where students can search and apply for a wide range of internships and placements across various industries and sectors.

Section 2: Features of Internshala as an Internship & Placement Platform

1. Wide Range of Opportunities: Internshala offers a vast database of internship and placement opportunities in diverse fields such as engineering, management, design, content writing, digital marketing, and more. Students can explore opportunities that align with their interests and career goals.

2. Easy Application Process: Internshala provides a user-friendly platform where students can create profiles, upload their resumes, and apply for internships and placements with just a few clicks. The streamlined application process saves time and simplifies the job search.

3. Internship Duration: Internshala offers internships of varying durations, ranging from a few weeks to several months. Students can choose internships that fit their availability and schedule, whether it’s a part-time or full-time commitment.

Section 3: How & When to Apply for Internships & Placements on Internshala

Applying for internships and placements on Internshala is a straightforward process. Students can follow these steps:

1. Create an Account: Sign up on Internshala by providing necessary details and creating a profile.

2. Build Your Profile: Complete your profile by adding relevant information such as educational background, skills, projects, and work experience (if any). This will help employers gauge your suitability for their internship or placement programs.

3. Browse and Apply: Explore the internship and placement listings on Internshala’s platform. Use filters to refine your search based on location, industry, duration, and more. Read the job descriptions and requirements carefully, and apply to the ones that align with your interests and qualifications.

4. Track Applications: Internshala provides a dashboard where you can track the status of your applications and communicate with employers. Stay organized and follow up on your applications as needed.

Section 4: Internshala: Free or Paid for Internship & Placement?

Internshala offers both free and paid services for students seeking internships and placements. The platform allows students to create profiles, search and apply for internships, and access a vast repository of resources at no cost. However, Internshala also offers premium services, such as resume building assistance, interview preparation, and personalized guidance, through their paid plans. These premium services provide additional support and enhance the chances of securing desired internships and placements.

Section 5: Types of Internship & Placement Opportunities Available on Internshala

Internshala provides a wide range of internship and placement opportunities to cater to diverse interests and career paths. Some common types of opportunities available on Internshala include:

1. Summer Internships: These internships are typically offered during the summer break and provide students with valuable industry exposure and experience.

2. Virtual Internships: Virtual internships allow students to work remotely, eliminating geographical constraints and providing flexibility in terms of location and schedule.

3. Full-time Placements: Internshala also features full-time placement opportunities for students who have completed their education and are ready to embark on their professional careers.

Section 6: Internshala’s Impact on Placement Opportunities and Top Recruiting Companies

Top company tie-ups with Internshala, top recruiting company of Internshala students, highest package placement of Internshala students:

Internshala has established collaborations with numerous top companies across various industries. These companies recognize the value of hiring talented interns and fresh graduates through Internshala’s platform. Some of the top recruiting companies associated with Internshala include leading names in technology, finance, consulting, and more. Students who have successfully secured internships and placements through Internshala have gained a competitive advantage in their job search and have been offered lucrative packages by these companies.


Internshala serves as a valuable platform for students and recent graduates to explore internship and placement opportunities. With its user-friendly interface, extensive database, and top company tie-ups, Internshala offers a gateway to kickstart your career and gain practical industry experience. Leverage its features, apply for suitable opportunities, and unlock the path to professional success!

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