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In the heartland of India lies Bihar, a state known for its agrarian economy and rich farming heritage. Agriculture plays a pivotal role in the livelihood of its people. However, like in many parts of the country, farmers in Bihar face challenges ranging from lack of access to credit, outdated farming practices, and inadequate resources. To address these issues and empower the state’s farming community, the Government of Bihar has introduced the revolutionary concept of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Agriculture. This innovative approach aims to bridge the gap between the government and farmers by providing financial assistance directly to them. In this beginner’s guide, we will delve into the various aspects of DBT Agriculture in Bihar, including its aim, need, features, available kisan anudan (benefit) schemes, application procedure, benefits, and more.

DBT Agriculture as a Bihar Gov Kisan anudan Portal

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Aim of DBT Agriculture:

The primary aim of DBT Agriculture in Bihar is to revolutionize the way farmers receive financial assistance. By directly transferring funds to farmers’ bank accounts, the government seeks to eliminate intermediaries and ensure that the benefits reach the intended beneficiaries without any leakage or delay. This initiative aims to enhance financial inclusion and empower farmers to make informed decisions about their agricultural practices.

The Need for DBT Agriculture:

Bihar’s agriculture sector has been plagued by challenges such as limited access to credit, inadequate resources, and low productivity due to outdated farming methods. The traditional subsidy distribution system often led to delays, corruption, and ineffective resource allocation. DBT Agriculture addresses these issues by streamlining the process and ensuring timely disbursement of funds, thereby fostering sustainable agricultural practices.

Features of DBT Agriculture:

DBT Agriculture comes with a range of features that make it a game-changer for Bihar’s farmers. The key features include:

  1. Direct Fund Transfer: Instead of relying on middlemen or manual processes, the government directly transfers funds to farmers’ bank accounts, ensuring transparency and efficiency.
  2. Targeted Assistance: The scheme caters to the specific needs of farmers, providing them with financial support for various agricultural activities and inputs.
  3. Digital Empowerment: DBT Agriculture leverages technology to connect farmers with the benefits they are entitled to, reducing bureaucratic hurdles and ensuring timely access to funds.
  4. Reduced Leakages: By eliminating intermediaries, DBT Agriculture minimizes the chances of fund diversion or leakage, ensuring that the intended benefits reach the farmers.

Explaining Kisan Anudan Schemes:

DBT Agriculture encompasses various kisan anudan schemes aimed at providing financial support to farmers for different aspects of agriculture. Some of the prominent schemes are:

  1. Ravi & Kharif Fasal Diesel Anudan: This scheme offers financial assistance to farmers for purchasing diesel required for irrigation during the Rabi and Kharif seasons.
  2. Ravi & Kharif Fasal Beej Anudan: Farmers are provided financial assistance to procure quality seeds for Rabi and Kharif crops, promoting higher yields and improved crop varieties.
  3. Krishi Yantrikaran Yojana: This scheme focuses on mechanization of farming by providing funds for the purchase of agricultural equipment, enhancing productivity and reducing labor dependency.
  4. Ravi & Kharif Fasal Krishi Input Anudan: Under this scheme, farmers receive financial support for purchasing agricultural inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, and other essentials.
  5. Jal Jeevan Haryali: Recognizing the importance of water conservation, this scheme offers funds for implementing water management and irrigation practices, ensuring sustainable water use.
  6. Pradhan Mantri Saman Nidhi Yojana: While not specific to Bihar, this national scheme offers direct income support to small and marginal farmers, aiding them in meeting their agricultural needs.

Imp Link

For Kharif Fasal Ravi Fasal
Official Website (i.e. dbtagriculture) Link
Kisan Registation Link
Diesel Anudan Link Link
Kisan Samaan Nidhi Link
Krishi enput Link Link
Beej Anudaan Link

Application Procedure:

Applying for DBT Agriculture benefits involves a straightforward process that aims to make it accessible to all farmers:

  1. Registration: Farmers need to register themselves with the designated agricultural department or online portal by providing relevant details.
  2. Verification: The provided information is verified, and the farmer’s eligibility for specific schemes is determined.
  3. Bank Account Linking: Farmers need to link their Aadhaar-linked bank accounts to ensure seamless fund transfers.
  4. Application Submission: Depending on the chosen scheme, farmers submit their applications along with required documents either online or through designated centers.
  5. Approval and Disbursement: After verification and scrutiny, eligible farmers receive funds directly in their bank accounts.

Benefits of DBT Agriculture:

The implementation of DBT Agriculture in Bihar brings forth a plethora of benefits:

  1. Timely Assistance: Farmers receive financial support at the right time, enabling them to make timely investments in their agricultural activities.
  2. Reduced Corruption: By eliminating intermediaries, the system curbs corruption and ensures that the entire benefit reaches the farmer.
  3. Enhanced Productivity: Access to quality seeds, inputs, and modern farming equipment leads to increased productivity and better crop yields.
  4. Informed Decision-Making: With direct funds, farmers can make informed choices about the agricultural practices they adopt, leading to improved sustainability.
  5. Financial Inclusion: DBT Agriculture promotes financial inclusion by encouraging farmers to have bank accounts, thereby enhancing their access to formal financial systems.


DBT Agriculture marks a transformative shift in Bihar’s agricultural landscape. By providing direct financial assistance to farmers, the state government is empowering them to take charge of their agricultural practices. This innovative approach addresses the challenges of the traditional subsidy system and fosters inclusive growth in the agriculture sector. As Bihar’s farmers embrace DBT Agriculture and its various kisan anudan schemes, the state moves closer to achieving sustainable and prosperous agricultural development. Through technology-driven solutions and streamlined processes, DBT Agriculture paves the way for a brighter future for Bihar’s farming community, ensuring that the roots of the state’s economy remain strong and resilient.

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