Parivahan Vibhaag

In the bustling state of Bihar, the Parivahan Vibhaag, or Transport Department, serves as a crucial entity responsible for the regulation and management of the transportation system. With a mission to enhance connectivity, ensure road safety, and streamline the movement of goods and people, the Transport Department plays a pivotal role in the state’s development. This beginner’s guide aims to provide insights into the Parivahan Vibhaag’s significance, objectives, features, various programs and initiatives, benefits, and much more. Whether you are a resident of Bihar or curious about its transportation landscape, this guide will navigate you through the world of Parivahan Vibhaag. (Let’s see vigyaan-praudyogikee-aur-takaneekee-shiksha-vibhaag article)

Parivahan as a Vibhaag

bihar Vibhaag

Aim of the Parivahan Vibhaag

The primary aim of the Parivahan Vibhaag is to develop and maintain an efficient, safe, and well-connected transportation system in Bihar. It seeks to improve road infrastructure, enhance public transport facilities, ensure road safety measures, and facilitate the smooth movement of goods and passengers across the state.

Need for a Well-Functioning Transport Department

An effective Transport Department is essential for various reasons:

  1. Connectivity: It ensures seamless connectivity between cities, towns, and villages, enabling economic growth and social interaction.
  2. Safety: The department focuses on road safety measures, reducing accidents, and creating awareness about responsible driving.
  3. Trade and Commerce: A well-connected transport system facilitates the movement of goods, boosting trade and commerce within the state.
  4. Public Convenience: Efficient public transport options make commuting easier for residents, especially those who rely on it daily.

Features of Parivahan Vibhaag

The Parivahan Vibhaag encompasses a range of features to fulfill its objectives:

  1. Licensing Services: Issuance of driving licenses, vehicle registration, and other related services.
  2. Road Safety Initiatives: Promoting road safety awareness through campaigns, education, and enforcing traffic rules.
  3. Public Transport Enhancement: Improving public transport services like buses and other modes of shared transportation.
  4. Road Infrastructure Development: Constructing and maintaining roads, highways, bridges, and flyovers for efficient travel.
  5. Online Services: Providing online platforms for various services, making the process more convenient for residents.

List of Yojana/Abhiyan/Program/Seva in Parivahan Vibhaag

  1. Mukhyamantri Gram Parivahan Yojana: A scheme to provide affordable public transport services in rural areas.
  2. Safe Transport Campaign: An initiative to raise awareness about road safety and reduce accidents.
  3. Student Bus Pass Scheme: Offering discounted bus passes for students to encourage public transport use.
  4. Vahan Chalak Sewa: Providing various services related to driving licenses and vehicle registration.
  5. e-Challan System: Enabling the online payment of traffic fines, making the process more convenient.
  6. Public Transport Enhancement Program: Focusing on improving public transport facilities, including buses and terminals.

Benefits of Parivahan Vibhaag

  1. Enhanced Connectivity: A well-connected transport system fosters economic growth, tourism, and regional development.
  2. Road Safety: The department’s road safety initiatives reduce accidents and save lives.
  3. Ease of Commuting: Efficient public transport options provide convenient and affordable commuting choices.
  4. Trade and Commerce: A robust transportation system supports trade, commerce, and industrial growth.
  5. Employment Opportunities: Transport-related projects create job opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers.


The Bihar Parivahan Vibhaag is not just about roadways; it’s about building bridges between communities, fostering development, and enhancing the quality of life for its residents. This guide has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of the department’s significance, objectives, features, programs, and benefits. As you navigate Bihar’s transportation landscape, remember that the Parivahan Vibhaag’s efforts contribute to a more connected, safer, and prosperous state. By appreciating its initiatives and actively participating in road safety measures, you become a part of the journey towards a brighter, well-connected Bihar.

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