World Skill Competition

The WorldSkills Competition is a global event that showcases the skills of young people in various trades and professions. It is held every two years and brings together competitors from around the world to compete in over 50 different skill categories. The competition is designed to encourage excellence in vocational education and training and to promote the value of skills and competence. It also aims to raise awareness of the importance of vocational education and training in preparing young people for the workforce. (Let’s see our world skill Competition article)

Skill as a World Competition

world skill

The WorldSkills Competition is organized by WorldSkills International, a non-profit organization that promotes vocational education and training worldwide. The competition is open to competitors under the age of 23 who have won national skill competitions in their home countries. The competition is held over several days and includes a variety of skill-based challenges. Competitors are judged by experts in their respective fields and are awarded medals based on their performance. The WorldSkills Competition is a highly prestigious event and winning a medal is considered a great achievement in the field of vocational education and training.


The WorldSkills Competition is a global event that showcases the talents and skills of young people from around the world in various vocational fields. The features of the competition include:

  1. Competitors: The competition brings together young people under the age of 23 who are training in vocational fields. These competitors represent their respective countries and regions.
  2. Vocational skills: The competition focuses on a wide range of vocational skills, including construction and building technology, creative arts and fashion, information and communication technology, manufacturing and engineering, social and personal services, and transportation and logistics.
  3. Competitions: Competitors participate in skill-specific competitions that test their abilities in their chosen fields. These competitions are designed to reflect industry standards and best practices.
  4. Judging: Competitors are judged by industry experts, who evaluate their performance based on specific criteria such as quality, accuracy, and speed.
  5. Cultural exchange: The WorldSkills Competition provides an opportunity for competitors to engage in cultural exchange with one another and to learn about different countries and regions.
  6. Industry engagement: The competition also provides an opportunity for industry leaders to engage with young people and to identify potential talent for their businesses.
  7. Education and training: The competition provides an opportunity for education and training providers to showcase their programs and to promote the value of vocational education.


The WorldSkills Competition, also known as the Olympics of skills, is a global event that brings together young professionals from all over the world to compete in various vocational skills categories such as cooking, welding, web design, and more.

The need for the WorldSkills Competition arises from several factors:

  1. Promoting Vocational Education: The WorldSkills Competition promotes vocational education and training, and highlights the importance of acquiring technical and vocational skills. This helps to create a positive perception of skilled trades and encourage young people to pursue careers in these areas.
  2. Encouraging Excellence: The competition aims to encourage excellence in vocational skills and raise the level of competence and performance of young professionals in various fields. It provides an opportunity for participants to showcase their skills and knowledge, and to learn from each other.
  3. Encouraging Innovation: The competition also encourages innovation and creativity in various fields, which can lead to the development of new techniques and technologies that can benefit industries and society as a whole.
  4. Promoting International Cooperation: The WorldSkills Competition provides a platform for international cooperation and exchange of ideas between participants from different countries. This helps to build bridges between cultures and promote understanding and tolerance.

Application Procedure

The application procedure for the WorldSkills Competition may vary depending on the country or region you are from. However, here are some general steps you can take to apply for the WorldSkills Competition:

  1. Check the eligibility criteria: The WorldSkills Competition is open to competitors who are under the age of 23 years old and have not previously participated in the WorldSkills Competition. However, some skill categories may have specific eligibility requirements. You can check the official WorldSkills website for more information on eligibility.
  2. Contact your national or regional WorldSkills organization: Each country or region has its own WorldSkills organization, which manages the selection and training of competitors. You can find the contact information for your national or regional organization on the official WorldSkills website.
  3. Attend a local or regional competition: Many countries and regions hold local or regional competitions to select competitors for the WorldSkills Competition. You can contact your national or regional organization to find out if there is a local or regional competition in your area.
  4. Apply to compete: If you are selected as a competitor for your country or region, you will need to fill out an application form and submit it to your national or regional WorldSkills organization. The application form will ask for information about your skills and experience, as well as any training you have received.
  5. Train for the competition: Once you have been selected as a competitor, you will need to undergo extensive training to prepare for the WorldSkills Competition. Your national or regional organization will provide you with training opportunities and support to help you prepare for the competition.
  6. Participate in the WorldSkills Competition: If you are selected to compete in the WorldSkills Competition, you will travel to the host country and participate in the competition. The competition usually takes place over several days, and competitors are judged based on their performance in a range of skills-related tasks.

Overall, applying for the WorldSkills Competition is a multi-step process that requires a significant amount of preparation and training. However, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience for those who are passionate about their skills and want to compete at an international level.


Overall, the WorldSkills Competition is an important event that highlights the value of vocational skills and provides young people with an opportunity to showcase their talents on a global stage. In summary, the WorldSkills Competition is important as it promotes vocational education, encourages excellence, innovation, and international cooperation. It also helps to raise the profile of skilled trades and the value of vocational skills in the workforce.

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