Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag

In our digital age, information and communication play an essential role in connecting governments with citizens and ensuring the smooth functioning of public services. Recognizing this, the Bihar government has established the “Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag,” which translates to the Department of Information and Public Relations. This department serves as a crucial link between the government and the people of Bihar, facilitating the exchange of information, promoting transparency, and enhancing public participation. In this beginner’s guide, we will explore the aims, needs, features, and benefits of the Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag, along with a comprehensive list of the various Yojana, Abhiyan, Program, and Seva offered under it. (Let’s see soochana-takaneekee-vibhaag article)

Soochana Evan Janasampark as a Vibhaag

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The Aim of Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag

The primary aim of the Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag is to bridge the gap between the government and the citizens of Bihar by facilitating effective communication, ensuring the timely dissemination of accurate information, and fostering a sense of transparency and accountability. This department acts as a channel through which government initiatives, policies, and services are communicated to the public in a clear and accessible manner. Additionally, it aims to gather feedback, suggestions, and concerns from the citizens and relay them to the relevant authorities for necessary action.

Why Do We Need Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag?

In a diverse and populous state like Bihar, effective communication between the government and its people is of paramount importance. Without proper channels of communication, misunderstandings can arise, and citizens may remain unaware of the various services, schemes, and benefits available to them. The Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag addresses this need by ensuring that information reaches every corner of the state, from urban centers to rural villages. This open line of communication helps in building trust between the government and the citizens, fostering a collaborative environment for the development of the state.

Key Features of Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag

The Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag is equipped with a range of features designed to enhance communication and engagement. These features include:

  • Multimedia Communication: The department employs a variety of communication mediums such as newspapers, radio, television, and digital platforms to reach a diverse audience.
  • Press Releases: Regular press releases are issued to update the public about government policies, decisions, and initiatives, ensuring that accurate information is widely available.
  • Public Awareness Campaigns: The department organizes awareness campaigns on various issues, ranging from health and education to social welfare, ensuring that citizens are well-informed about their rights and opportunities.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Channels for citizens to provide feedback, suggestions, and grievances are established, allowing the government to address concerns promptly.
  • Interactive Workshops and Seminars: Workshops and seminars are conducted to facilitate direct interaction between government officials and citizens, encouraging dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

List of Yojana/Abhiyan/Program/Seva under Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag

The Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag oversees a multitude of Yojana (schemes), Abhiyan (campaigns), Programs, and Seva (services) to cater to the diverse needs of the citizens of Bihar. Here is a comprehensive list of some of these initiatives:

  1. Bihar Vikas Mission: A comprehensive development program aimed at accelerating economic growth and improving the quality of life for all citizens.
  2. Mukhyamantri Gram Parivahan Yojana: Providing affordable and accessible transportation services in rural areas.
  3. Balika Cycle Yojana: Distributing bicycles to girl students to promote education and reduce dropout rates.
  4. Har Ghar Bijli Lagataar: Ensuring 24×7 electricity supply to every household in Bihar.
  5. Arogya Bihar: Offering healthcare services and facilities to promote a healthier society.
  6. Student Credit Card Scheme: Providing financial assistance to students for pursuing higher education.
  7. Jal Jeevan Hariyali Abhiyan: Promoting water conservation, afforestation, and environmental sustainability.
  8. Lakshmi Ladli Yojana: Empowering the girl child by providing financial assistance for education and marriage.
  9. Kushal Yuva Program: Offering skill development training to youth for better employment opportunities.
  10. Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana: Supporting the education and well-being of girl children.
  11. Saat Nischay Yojana: A series of seven development schemes aimed at uplifting different sectors of society.
  12. Mukhyamantri Kanya Vivah Yojana: Providing financial assistance for the marriage of economically disadvantaged girls.

Benefits of Engaging with Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag

Engaging with the Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag can yield numerous benefits for both the government and the citizens:

  • Informed Citizenship: Citizens gain access to accurate and timely information about government policies, services, and opportunities, empowering them to make informed decisions.
  • Transparency: Transparent communication fosters trust between the government and the people, reducing the chances of misinformation and fostering a sense of accountability.
  • Effective Governance: The government receives direct feedback from citizens, enabling them to make more effective and responsive policies.
  • Participation: Citizens can actively participate in various government initiatives, campaigns, and programs, contributing to the overall development of the state.
  • Empowerment: Information about schemes like skill development, education, and healthcare empowers individuals to improve their quality of life.


The Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag in Bihar serves as a bridge between the government and the citizens, facilitating transparent communication, effective governance, and informed decision-making. By embracing various forms of media, conducting awareness campaigns, and offering a multitude of schemes and services, this department contributes significantly to the holistic development of the state. Engaging with the Soochana Evan Janasampark Vibhaag opens up a world of opportunities for citizens to actively participate in the growth of Bihar, ensuring a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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