Pichhada Varg aur Atyant Pichhada Varg Kalyaan Vibhaag

In the Indian state of Bihar, the “Pichhada Varg aur Atyant Pichhada Varg Kalyaan Vibhaag” (Backward Classes and Extremely Backward Classes Welfare Department) plays a crucial role in uplifting and empowering the backward and extremely backward sections of society. With the aim of reducing disparities and ensuring inclusive development, this department has designed and implemented numerous schemes and programs that focus on education, employment, healthcare, and overall socio-economic growth. This beginner’s guide will take you through the key features, benefits, and a comprehensive list of Yojanas/Abhiyans/Programs/Sevas offered by this department. (Let’s see alpasankhyak-kalyaan-vibhaag article)

Pichhada Varg aur Atyant Pichhada Varg Kalyaan as a Vibhaag

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Section 1: The Aim of the Department

The primary aim of the “Pichhada Varg aur Atyant Pichhada Varg Kalyaan Vibhaag” is to address the historical and socio-economic disadvantages faced by the backward and extremely backward communities in Bihar. The department aims to bridge the gap between these sections and the rest of society, providing them with equal opportunities for growth, development, and overall well-being.

Section 2: The Need for Such a Department

The need for a dedicated welfare department for backward and extremely backward classes arises from the deeply entrenched inequalities and disparities that exist in society. These communities often face barriers in accessing education, healthcare, employment, and other essential services. This department acknowledges these challenges and strives to create an environment where every individual can thrive without facing discrimination.

Section 3: Key Features of the Department

  • Targeted Schemes: The department offers a range of targeted schemes that address specific needs of the backward and extremely backward classes. These schemes are designed to provide financial assistance, skill development, and other forms of support.
  • Education Empowerment: One of the prominent features is the focus on education. The department offers scholarships, tuition fee waivers, and other educational incentives to ensure that students from these communities have access to quality education.
  • Employment Opportunities: Recognizing the importance of employment for socio-economic upliftment, the department collaborates with industries and organizations to provide skill training and job placement for individuals belonging to these sections.
  • Healthcare Initiatives: To improve healthcare access, the department runs health camps, provides medical insurance, and offers financial aid for medical treatments to beneficiaries from backward and extremely backward communities.

Section 4: List of Yojanas/Abhiyans/Programs/Sevas

  1. Bihar Post-Matric Scholarship: A scholarship program that supports post-matriculation education for students from backward and extremely backward communities.
  2. Kanya Utthan Yojana: Aimed at empowering girl children, this scheme offers financial assistance for their education and overall development.
  3. Balak Balika Protsahan Yojana: Provides incentives for the education of male and female children from these communities, encouraging enrollment and attendance.
  4. Vocational Training Programs: Various skill development programs to equip beneficiaries with employable skills for better job prospects.
  5. Jeevika: A livelihood promotion program that focuses on creating self-help groups and improving economic opportunities for women from backward classes.
  6. Health Camps and Medical Assistance: Regular health camps and financial aid for medical treatments to ensure better healthcare access.
  7. Hostel Facilities for Students: Providing safe and affordable hostel facilities for students from these communities, enabling them to pursue education away from home.
  8. Financial Support for Entrepreneurs: Financial assistance and guidance for individuals from backward classes who aspire to start their own businesses.
  9. Community Development Projects: Initiatives for overall community development, including sanitation, infrastructure, and women’s empowerment.

Section 5: Benefits of the Department’s Initiatives

The initiatives undertaken by the “Pichhada Varg aur Atyant Pichhada Varg Kalyaan Vibhaag” have far-reaching benefits:

  • Empowerment: The beneficiaries become empowered to break free from the cycle of poverty and marginalization.
  • Education: Increased access to education improves literacy rates and opens doors to better opportunities.
  • Employment: Skill development and job placement ensure better employment prospects and economic stability.
  • Healthcare: Improved healthcare access leads to a healthier and more productive population.
  • Community Development: The department’s efforts contribute to the holistic development of communities, fostering a sense of unity and progress.


The “Pichhada Varg aur Atyant Pichhada Varg Kalyaan Vibhaag” in Bihar stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to social justice and inclusive growth. Through its various schemes, programs, and services, it is actively working towards breaking down barriers and ensuring that no one is left behind. By addressing the unique needs of backward and extremely backward classes, this department is contributing to a more equitable and prosperous society. As we move forward, it’s essential to support and appreciate these efforts, recognizing that inclusive development benefits everyone, and that by uplifting the most vulnerable, we uplift the entire community.

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