Paryatan Vibhaag

Bihar, a land rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, holds immense potential as a tourist destination. To harness this potential and promote tourism, the state’s government has established the Paryatan Vibhaag or Tourism Department. This beginner’s guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the Paryatan Vibhaag in Bihar, including its objectives, significance, initiatives, benefits, and more. Whether you’re a traveler seeking to explore Bihar or someone interested in understanding the state’s efforts to boost tourism, this guide will serve as an informative starting point. (Let’s see sadak-nirmaan-vibhaag article)

Paryatan as a Vibhaag

bihar Vibhaag

Aim of the Paryatan Vibhaag

The primary aim of the Paryatan Vibhaag is to promote tourism and highlight the diverse attractions that Bihar has to offer. By developing tourist infrastructure, organizing events, and implementing various programs, the department seeks to attract visitors and generate economic growth through the tourism sector. The ultimate goal is to showcase Bihar’s cultural heritage, historical sites, and natural wonders on a national and international scale.

Need for the Paryatan Vibhaag

Bihar boasts a rich cultural heritage and historical significance, yet it remained relatively unexplored in terms of tourism. The establishment of the Paryatan Vibhaag was driven by the need to tap into this untapped potential, create employment opportunities, and contribute to the state’s economic development. By investing in tourism, Bihar aims to not only boost its revenue but also preserve and promote its cultural identity.

Features of the Paryatan Vibhaag

The Paryatan Vibhaag encompasses a range of features that contribute to its overall effectiveness in promoting tourism:

  1. Tourist Infrastructure Development: The department focuses on improving amenities, transportation, and accommodations to enhance the overall tourist experience.
  2. Cultural Promotion: Initiatives are taken to showcase Bihar’s rich cultural heritage through events, exhibitions, and heritage preservation.
  3. Historical Site Conservation: The Paryatan Vibhaag works to conserve and maintain historical sites, making them accessible and appealing to visitors.
  4. Promotion and Marketing: The department employs marketing strategies to promote Bihar’s tourist attractions through digital platforms, brochures, and campaigns.
  5. Training and Skill Development: Tourism-related training programs are conducted to enhance the skills of local guides, hospitality staff, and other stakeholders.

List of Yojana/Abhiyan/Program/Seva in the Paryatan Vibhaag

The Paryatan Vibhaag in Bihar encompasses a range of Yojana (schemes), Abhiyan (campaigns), Programs, and Seva (services) aimed at boosting tourism and enriching the tourist experience. Some notable initiatives include:

  1. Bihar Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC): Responsible for managing tourist accommodations, transportation, and organizing events.
  2. Bodh Gaya Tourist Circuit: Focused on developing infrastructure and promoting the historical significance of Bodh Gaya as a Buddhist pilgrimage site.
  3. Eco-Tourism Initiatives: Encouraging sustainable tourism practices that highlight Bihar’s natural beauty and biodiversity.
  4. Heritage Walks: Organizing guided heritage walks in cities like Patna to introduce visitors to the rich history and architecture of the region.
  5. Festival Celebrations: Promoting cultural festivals like Chhath Puja, Rajgir Mahotsav, and Sonepur Cattle Fair to attract tourists.
  6. Bihar Darshan Circuit: Developing circuits that showcase Bihar’s historical, cultural, and religious landmarks.
  7. Pilgrimage Tourism: Highlighting religious sites like Vaishali, Rajgir, and Pawapuri to attract pilgrims and tourists.

Benefits of the Paryatan Vibhaag

The Paryatan Vibhaag’s efforts yield numerous benefits for both the state and its visitors:

  1. Economic Growth: Tourism contributes to economic growth by generating revenue, creating jobs, and boosting local businesses.
  2. Cultural Preservation: The department’s initiatives help preserve Bihar’s cultural heritage and share it with a global audience.
  3. Community Development: Tourism encourages community engagement, entrepreneurship, and the development of local economies.
  4. Education and Awareness: Tourists gain insights into Bihar’s history, culture, and traditions, fostering cross-cultural understanding.
  5. National and International Exposure: Bihar’s tourist attractions gain recognition on a national and international level, contributing to its image.


The Paryatan Vibhaag in Bihar plays a pivotal role in promoting the state’s tourism potential and enhancing its appeal as a travel destination. Through strategic initiatives, cultural preservation, and infrastructure development, the department is shaping Bihar into a vibrant tourist hub. By exploring its heritage, historical sites, and natural beauty, tourists contribute to the state’s growth while gaining a deeper understanding of its unique identity. As Bihar continues to invest in tourism, the Paryatan Vibhaag remains at the forefront, inviting travelers to discover the treasures it has to offer.

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