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Are you fascinated by functional programming and looking for a coding contest that celebrates this paradigm? Look no further! In this beginner’s guide, we will explore the International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP) Coding Contest. From its unique features to its impact on career opportunities, ICFP offers an exciting platform for coders to showcase their functional programming skills and engage with like-minded enthusiasts.

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Know about ICFP

  1. What is ICFP?
  2. Features of the ICFP Coding Contest
  3. Duration and Frequency of the ICFP Coding Contest
  4. Participation and Application Process
  5. Availability of Previous Year Contest Material and Prizes
  6. The Value of the ICFP Coding Contest for Placement

Coding Contest

Section 1: What is ICFP?

ICFP kya hai?

ICFP, which stands for the International Conference on Functional Programming, is an annual conference that brings together researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts of functional programming from around the world. As part of the conference, ICFP also hosts a coding contest that challenges participants to solve programming problems using functional programming languages.

Section 2: Features of the ICFP Coding Contest

Features of ICFP Coding Contest:

1. Functional Programming Focus: The ICFP Coding Contest distinguishes itself by focusing on functional programming. Participants are encouraged to leverage functional programming concepts, techniques, and languages to solve the contest problems. This unique feature sets ICFP apart from other coding contests and provides a platform specifically tailored for functional programmers.

2. Challenging Problems: The contest presents participants with a series of challenging problems that require creative thinking and an understanding of functional programming principles. These problems often touch upon diverse areas such as algorithms, data structures, parsing, and program optimization.

3. Team-Based Collaboration: The ICFP Coding Contest allows participants to form teams and collaborate to solve the problems. This team-based approach fosters communication, sharing of ideas, and the opportunity to learn from fellow functional programmers.

Section 3: Duration and Frequency of the ICFP Coding Contest

Duration of ICFP Coding Contest:

The duration of the ICFP Coding Contest may vary from year to year, but it typically spans several days. During this timeframe, participants are required to solve the contest problems and submit their solutions within the specified deadline.

How many times ICFP Coding Contest held in a year:

The ICFP Coding Contest is held once a year, in conjunction with the International Conference on Functional Programming. Participants can look forward to the contest taking place annually, providing them with a recurring opportunity to showcase their functional programming skills.

Section 4: Participation and Application Process

How and when can we apply for the ICFP Coding Contest?

To participate in the ICFP Coding Contest, follow these general steps:

1. Registration: Visit the official ICFP website during the registration period to create an account and register for the contest. Keep an eye on the website for announcements regarding registration dates and any entry fees, if applicable.

2. Contest Notification: Once registered, you will receive notifications about the contest, including the release of the contest problems, submission deadlines, and any additional guidelines or rules. These notifications will help you stay informed and plan your participation effectively.

Section 5: Availability of Previous Year Contest Material and Prizes

Is previous year’s ICFP Coding Contest material available online?

Yes, the ICFP community often makes previous year’s coding contest materials available online. This includes problem statements, sample solutions, and sometimes even full submissions from participants. Accessing these materials can provide valuable insights into the problem-solving strategies and functional programming techniques employed by past contestants.

Is there any prize for the ICFP Coding Contest?

Yes, the ICFP Coding Contest offers prizes to recognize outstanding performance and innovative solutions. The specific prizes may vary from year to year and are typically announced on the contest’s official website. Winning or achieving recognition in the ICFP Coding Contest can enhance your credibility as a functional programmer and bring attention to your skills within the functional programming community.

Section 6: The Value of the ICFP Coding Contest for Placement

Does achievement in the ICFP Coding Contest matter for placement purposes?

Participating in and achieving success in the ICFP Coding Contest can have a positive impact on career opportunities, especially within the field of functional programming. The contest demonstrates your proficiency in functional programming concepts, problem-solving abilities, and your dedication to the craft. Employers and recruiters who value functional programming skills may view ICFP achievements as a valuable asset when considering candidates for placements, internships, or research positions.


The ICFP Coding Contest provides a unique opportunity for functional programming enthusiasts to challenge themselves, demonstrate their skills, and connect with a global community of like-minded individuals. With its focus on functional programming, challenging problems, and impact on career placement, the ICFP Coding Contest is an exciting platform for functional programmers to showcase their talents and make their mark in the world of functional programming.

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